15 Top Interactive Ebook Creator Tools

Trainers, educators and instructional designers have written lessons and stories to teach learning objectives and engage students since the begging of time. The first publishing platform was print, then audio, next eBooks, and now interactive eBooks deliverable on various electronic platforms.  Interactive eBooks are beautifully illustrated for children including pop ups, recordings, games, puzzles, flying screens and more. In addition, ebooks are alluring teens and adults  with dynamic content.

$2.95 .Com at GoDaddy.com!

Education publishing giants Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are getting in the eBook and interactive book game and are on level playing fields with individual authors with the aid of these services. I have researched and listed 15 interactive creation tools and platforms that allow  authors to write, create and publish interactive eBooks to mobile phones and pads without programming knowledge, some ask upfront fees some do not. Most publishers ask for a percentage of sales and publish your material to digital vendors that their software is compatible with. Therefore, it is important to read all the fine print and terms of service as they may change before selecting one. All information stated below is taken from the vendors website. I strongly urge instructional designers to consider culture, localization (different languages and country customs), and disable learners in your design of interactive books.

1.  Pubbsoft    Designed for nontechnical users. Help create, publish and sell animated stories on mobile devices. Drag, drop, point and click interface. Everything saved online. Unleash your inner creative genius by creating your interactive storybooks online, and earn 50% royalty on each purchase of your book.

ibook ebooks
Self publishing with ibooks

2.  iBook Author   is the trojan horse. It is free. Now both individual authors and trade and textbook presses can be drawn into a development and publishing ecosystem that begins and ends with Apple. However, it can only be used on the current Mac. Earlier this year, Apple released iBooks Author and intended to allow people to create textbooks for the iPad, and now it’s available for 80% of the US high school curriculum. Since launch, it’s being used in 2,500 classrooms around the country. With the update, you can now use some great new templates to make useful textbooks — portrait templates, ability to use your own fonts, mathematical expressions dropped in, and publishers can create their own books. iBooks Author lets you create books that people with disabilities can read and experience. The table of contents, glossary, widgets, main text, and more are built to automatically take advantage of VoiceOver technology. Add accessibility descriptions to any widget or media so those with vision impairments can use them. Way to go Apple.

3.  KindleGen and Kindle Previewer with Kindle Format 8 (KF8) support are now available for download. Kindle Format 8 is Amazon’s next generation file format offering a wide range of new features and enhancements – including HTML5 and CSS3 support that publishers can use to create all types of books. KF8 adds over 150 new formatting capabilities, including drop caps, numbered lists, fixed layouts, nested tables, callouts, sidebars and Scalable Vector Graphics – opening up more opportunities to create Kindle books that readers will love. Kindle Fire is the first Kindle device to support KF8 – in the coming months KF8 will be rolled out to our latest generation Kindle e-ink devices as well as our free Kindle reading apps.

Publishers have created thousands of KF8 titles already and customers are enjoying the improved formatting and reading features across all types of books. Additionally, KF8 features such as Kindle Panel Views and Kindle Text Pop Up enable great fixed layout books including graphic novels, comics and children’s books.
For latest information check here  http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000729511 .

Children’s picture books come to life with brilliant images, fixed layouts and Kindle Text Pop Up.

4. Interactive Touch Books   Digitized your content for free.   Transform your work into dynamic, digital content for iPad and iPhone. At Interactive Touch, we believe that authors and illustrators should have the tools to bring their content to digital life without worrying about the high cost of developers, the difficulty of coding or losing the book’s luster in the process. Our authoring tools interface enables you to break into the fastest growing publishing sector in history in just a few simple steps. Download their app and get a couple of books for free to get started.


Amazon ebook
Amazon ebook lion picture
5. Interact Builder  The InteractBuilder is a software app that runs on Macs and Windows desktops (soon it will run on iPads and Android tablets), which allows anyone to create interactive apps with no programming skills required.There are two ways for other people to use the apps that you create (or as we like to call it – build) with the InteractBuidler: You can use our e-book software for free until you’re ready to launch it to the public. Then we charge a small percentage of each app sold. You’ve done all the work. You now know how to make an e-book. You should get a large portion of the proceeds. Your book is featured in our InteractBooks Store which is dedicated to Interactive Books and a place where consumers will be visiting to look specifically for these types of products.

6.  Skyreader Media creates enhanced e-books and apps for children.  Skyreader Media Launches Self-publishing Interactive Authoring. a leading developer and publisher of interactive children’s book apps for the Apple® iPad® and other mobile devices, announces the open beta launch of Skyreader Studio™.

7.  Demibooks® Composer provides an affordable, versatile and incredibly easy-to-use method of creating your own book apps with realistic physics, animation, images, text, sounds, movies and visual effects
http://www.interactivetouchbooks.com/  Sell your interactive books in our robust marketplace for mobile and tablet devices.

8. Active Reader We have created a tool that can be used by almost anyone can create and publish for mobile platforms with no coding required.

9. TaleSpring make it easy for your storybooks to take full advantage of the finger-tap capabilities of the iPad and iPhone.  Unleash your inner creative genius by creating your interactive storybooks online, and earn 50% royalty on each purchase of your book.

10.Moglue  is a desktop application for publishers and authors to create interactive ebooks which can then be released as apps for both iOS and Android, simply and easily. It has been designed without the need for coding or technical knowledge, with drag and drop functionality and a user friendly interface.

11 .Kwik is for nimble and visionary artists, story tellers, and app designers who yearn to create mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms and have Photoshop CS5 [or higher] and the Corona SDK. Free for projects up to six pages.  This is really nice.

12.  Kitaboo known for educational publishing is another multi-media platform publishing solution allowing authors to add audio, video, animation and interactive elements to their ebook. Kitaboo uses the software Dictera for content publishing. Dictera is a Cloud-based Digital Content Authoring and Publishing Platform used to create rich, interactive learning content, and enables users to manage content and co-ordinate effectively across User Roles in its creation. As a web-based authoring platform, Dictera allows its users to collaborate real-time, across geographies and time zones in creating rich interactive learning content.

13. AvaisThe software allows you to include audio, video, animation and other interactive elements likes timelines and maps, within full-length ebooks, longform journalism, magazines or any other digital publishing you can think of. Also pitched as an easy to use platform without the need for any technical skills. Atavist is a media and software company at the forefront of digital, mobile publishing. Our mission is to enable the next generation of multimedia storytelling, reaching readers across mobile devices and the Web.

14.  My Story Book Maker  Your child is the author. This app sells for 1.99

15.  Vook –  You send Vook the content and they do the formatting. More than just a conversion tool though, they enhance your book with multimedia elements like video, audio, charts and links.

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