2015 Atlanta Back to Business Conference

I recently attended several conferences and trade shows. The summer seems to be the time for professional development, networking, and growth. This particular event 2015 Atlanta Back to Business Conference at the Atlanta Metropolitan College was great. The school is beautiful.

Minority businesses met representatives from the public and private sectors that educated attendees on procurement opportunities and processes with their organizations. There were over 80 high level businesses present. Companies gave away great promotional items: key chains, beautiful pens, bags, post it note holders, hot and cold drink containers, insulated lunch bags, luggage id, t-shirts, and samples of products. In addition, applications for programs were available, direct contacts with business cards, and much more.

Conference talks were given by: Caesar C. Mitchell, Atlanta City Council President. Cassius Butts, Regional Administrator of US SBA (Small Business Administration) and Torre Jesup, Regional Administrator of US GSA (General Services Administrator). Terri Denison, Georgia District Director of SBA and Mildred Quinley, Director of Regional Office of Small Business Utilization. Points made were keep sharing and networking. Get listed with federal, local and city government.

Atlanta governments have minority supplier programs that give free certifications for minorities and disadvantage businesses. In Atlanta, that can mean “life changing” for a small business owner as most companies have headquarters here.  Federal certifications can get really expensive.

Below, I am taking a selfie of myself to share with you on this blog.:}

Me taking a selfie
Me taking a selfie so I could put it on this blog.

Bonus Speaker:  Kim Fields (pictured below)  was a child star on the Facts of Life. She is located in Atlanta, Ga.  It is rumored she will be joining the Atlanta Housewives. The Atlanta Housewives show is rated number one among all the housewives franchise. I am a fan of Kim. This should be interesting. In addition to being a celebrity, wife, and mother, Kim is starting a business in Atlanta. Her message was stay connected and share.

kim Fields
kim Fields

Cassius Butts, Regional Administrator of US Small Business Administration spoke at the conference. He encourages small businesses to get involved instead of just handing out business cards.

Cassius Butts Regional Administrator US SBA
Cassius Butts Regional Administrator US SBA