Teaching Complex or Sensitive Information through Assessments

Online courses are great but sometimes you may have information to teach that can be overwhelming for the learner depending on the subject matter. For example, medical and financial subjects have always been perceived as difficult to learn or understand. However, short assessments are a perfect way to engage the learner by using memorable words, experiences, and concepts that make strong impressions.

I designed this quizz in Articulate Storyline 2. The title of the quiz is  Diabetes Symptoms Quiz.  It consists of 20 questions. This quick quiz teaches learners about diabetes through assessment instead of reading materials. Learners take an interactive quiz that give customized branch results with video based on each learner’s score. ( Video less than 90 seconds — courtesy of CVS Pharmacy).  All learning levels are included on this one.  Take the test here:   http://antiprofile.com/diabetes/story.html

Features:                                                                                                                                                     Interactive criterion-reference quiz.                                                                                                           Highly interactive responsive site with audio, text, and result slides with video.
Result slide is customized per score: shows results depending on score – branching.
Glossary and Resource tabs
SCORM compliance and 508c compliance.
Mobile and iPad using Articulate Player App


1. Diabetes Quiz introduction with instructions.

diabetes quiz intro

2.  Direct questions with audio.

1diabetes4 - Copy

3. Glossary and Resource tab- more information and references.

1diabetes3 4. Result slide with personalized score, information, and video.                                  


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