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The storyboard is a graphic representation of a course that includes all of its components. The storyboard is used in all creative fields and genres and platforms: games, films, books, movies, instructional videos.  This article  demonstrates learning and training storyboards deliverable by instructor led, blended learning, and e-learning platforms. Please see “Resource” list for a variety of styles, additional genres, and more information.

The storyboard sensitizes the instructional writer/designer to potential problems before learners become involved.  A learner, e-learning designer, SME (Subject Matter Expert) and stakeholders evaluate the course contents by reviewing the storyboard. The contents are reviewed for accuracy, currency, appropriateness, clarity, impact, relevancy and feasibility.  Figure 1 and Figure 2 are shots of storyboards I have designed.


Figure 1.    PowerPoint Instructor- led Storyboard

Power Point Instructor Led
#Power Point Instructor Led Storyboard

Figure 2. e-Learning Storyboard

eLearning Storyboard
#eLearning Storyboard

Resources for storyboards

1. Digital Storyboards – How to create a storyboard for any genre

2.  Storyboard for Film –  Over 500 free tutorials

3.  Storyboarding– Instructions from UC Berkeley on “How to do a rough draft storyboard and include all the components”

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5.  85 Free Storyboard Templates – From list all types movies, books, animation, elearning  etc.