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15 Free Photo Sites for Commerical and Personal Use


Updated January 4, 2017

Finding the right picture for your project can be time consuming and costly. The best source of photos are the ones you take yourself but sometimes that is not possible to do. I am sharing my collection of FREE “royalty free image sites” that took many many hours to find over the past couple of years. You can use the stock images from these sites for personal and commercial use. They are great for web sites, book covers, CD, DVD covers, projection projects, marketing materials, etc. However many do have restrictions on print on demand templates for sites such as Cafe Press and Zazzle, whereas the picture is the main selling feature.  Bookmark this site for future references.

Keep in mind that “Royalty Free” does not mean the images are free. It means that you don’t need to pay the photographer a royalty each time you use the image. However, my selection of sites offer “free royalty-free images”. My personal word of caution is that any photo(s) of a trademark product should be used carefully as well as pictures of people, especially children unless they are not identifiable. If you can see their faces, I would suggest requesting a model release regardless where the photo is taken from. Those are my words of caution. These sites are creditable. I will update this page as I run across more creditable sites.

Note the terms of use for each site. Some of these sites offer free images in addition to images for a fee. A larger size of an image may have a fee.


FreepikEditor’s Pick  helps you to find free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSD and photos for using in websites, banners, presentations, magazines… Find dozens of free vector graphics every day, all designed by FreepikTerms of Use.

3DXtras - Absolutely Free 3D Models offers 10309+ 3d models download for free. All the 3d models meshes, scenes and graphics in this website are not copyrighted unless stated. You are free to use these models in your projects to generate games, animations, multimedia, printed graphics, web graphics and others. However you are prohibited to resell, create your own license to give away these 3d models individually or as part of collection or bundle to get profit. 

Abstract Influence  You may use any of the photos in our system free of charge for any commercial or personal design work if you obey the specified restrictions concerning each photo you download.  Selling these photos (individually, or as a whole) without written permission is prohibited. Using the photos in website templates, on postcards, mugs etc. doesn’t count as selling.  Very unique artistic site that has an active forum. Free but registration required.

Editors Pick-Photo Rack has a huge collection of over 27,000 images, nicely categorized. Really nice and very well organized.

Editors Pick– You can download up to 40 Mb of photos daily. There are from 7000 to 10000 new photos monthly. All photo images are made specially for

Images in 41 Categories, with 16,992,941 Views and 4,705,003 downloads (4,933.47 MB)Very interesting.  A license Freepixels grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use and reproduce the images on the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. Images and digital creations downloaded from our website may be used for both personal and commercial purposes under the limitations of this license. Any magazine, newspaper or other publication, product, design element or promotional material they appear in may be sold or distributed in any way for an unlimited number of times. There are restrictions for logos etc… see terms of use here: Free Pixels Terms of Use


Editors is made up of 132516 images with 182 sections organized into 3639 categories. is the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet (link back and attribution required).  ANYONE, by which we mean commercial and non-commercial alike, can use images in an online setting, providing they provide attribution to the image and a link back to (either the image or the main site). This license allows blogs, social networking sites and use in emails, just to name a few, providing they provide the required attribution, this includes sites that pay people to write, carry advertising or are selling and promoting products. The only requirement the attribution and link back.  Creative License for noncommercial and one time fee for commercial projects in certain medias.  Free Use Terms

 Free Stock Photos- High Quality. Free Stock Photos for Your Personal or Commercial Design Projects.  Photographs with the name are owned and copyrighted Daniel Speck. Credit or a link must be given to in all applications where they are used. Please read the Copyright Terms of Use thoroughly before downloading any images.

Free Stock Photos – Our collection contains 14,889 free images available in a variety of commercial and editorial licenses, including public domain, creative commons, and custom agreements.
All images on this site are completely free to download and use. No payment or registration is required, although you must abide by the Image License and Usage Terms listed on the photo download page.

Free Digital Photos – extremely nice. Many catergories Download free and premium stock photos and illustrations for websites, advertising materials, newspapers, magazines, ebooks, book covers and pages, music artwork, software applications and much more. All free images are of high quality, produced by the community of professional stock photographers and digital illustrators. Royalty free photos for corporate and personal use. Every image is free, with an option to buy larger images at reasonable prices. Images are mostly of people and business.

   Morguefile is a completely free source for stock photos creatives by creatives. Over 350,000 free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not! This morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photographs and reference images for either corporate or public use. The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for illustrators, comic book artist, designers, teachers and all creative pursuits.

FREE IMAGES – The Website contains images uploaded by its members. All images and their descriptions and presentation in general (“Images”) on the Website are the property of either freeimages and/or its members and are protected by international copyright laws. Use of these Images without license is prohibited.The use of Images identified as ‘free images’ are governed by the Image license agreement.  Premium images and images from iStock by Getty Images are subject to the legal terms set out on the iStock website .  Free Images and its members do their best to provide accurate information on Images and on the services of the Website, however against all our efforts there can be some typographical and technical errors on it. Freeimages cannot be held liable for any losses or damages resulting from the inaccurary of any information on the Website.


Editors PickPublic Domain Pictures: This site is a repository for free public domain images. They boast 17,931 free pictures. You can download high quality photos or upload your own pictures. You can donate funds to buy the photographer or illustrator a cup of coffee or buy premium stock photos starting from $1.00. This site makes it easy to to find a favorite photographer based on their work.

RGB StockEditors Pick –100% free stock photos. Over 100,000 images.   All images on RGBStock are free for personal and commercial use. You may use them in digital format on websites, blogs, multimedia presentations, broadcast film and video or in printed material such as magazines, books, brochures, flyers and text books. “If you wish to use an image to print on items offered on sites like Cafe Press and Zazzle,or to print them on any form of canvas or template for sale or re-distribution or for any purpose that is not specified in our Image License or Terms of Use you only need to contact the artist for written permission.” Photo statistics 66,903 stock photos on line 38,377 registered users.


Free for Commercial  Use  – Editor’s Pick -Stunning lifestyle imagery for modern creatives. Download FREE hi-res 300dpi photos and do whatever you want. Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, no rights reserved, without copyright, it’s  made  by      Markus Spiske. Currently available: 430 images (04.01.2017)


AJC’s Decatur Book Festival: Largest in the South

Labor day weekend, I  attended the11th annual AJC Decatur Book Festival sponsored by DeKalb Medical. It is the largest in  the South.  There were food samples available by local grocery stores and much more.  In addition,  there  were displays of  books for sale by new authors and the library. I bought a few cookbooks- one being  “The Joy of Cooking” for $2.00 (updated version) and a really graphic book on face painting for my daughter for $1.00. She “face paint” on children in community events. It’s a hobby and she is really good at it. I also purchased pecans roasted in sea salt  from a family business.  It was a real treat. See you next year.

Cooking Tips
Cooking Tips by Meathead Goldwyn-  He was funny.  The desired temperature   is 160 degrees for cooked chicken.
Free Food Samples
Free Food Samples: potato salad
Book Authors
Book Authors:  Cree and Scooter
Live Entertainment
Live Entertainment

Teaching Complex or Sensitive Information through Assessments

Online courses are great but sometimes you may have information to teach that can be overwhelming for the learner depending on the subject matter. For example, medical and financial subjects have always been perceived as difficult to learn or understand. However, short assessments are a perfect way to engage the learner by using memorable words, experiences, and concepts that make strong impressions.

I designed this quizz in Articulate Storyline 2. The title of the quiz is  Diabetes Symptoms Quiz.  It consists of 20 questions. This quick quiz teaches learners about diabetes through assessment instead of reading materials. Learners take an interactive quiz that give customized branch results with video based on each learner’s score. ( Video less than 90 seconds — courtesy of CVS Pharmacy).  All learning levels are included on this one.  Take the test here:

Features:                                                                                                                                                     Interactive criterion-reference quiz.                                                                                                           Highly interactive responsive site with audio, text, and result slides with video.
Result slide is customized per score: shows results depending on score – branching.
Glossary and Resource tabs
SCORM compliance and 508c compliance.
Mobile and iPad using Articulate Player App


1. Diabetes Quiz introduction with instructions.

diabetes quiz intro

2.  Direct questions with audio.

1diabetes4 - Copy

3. Glossary and Resource tab- more information and references.

1diabetes3 4. Result slide with personalized score, information, and video.                                  


#Essential Blogging Tools for Influencers

#influencers  Finally,  I have completed the ultimate listings of easy to use, free, and low cost blogging tools for bloggers-influencers, digital influencers, content promoters, and digital marketers. An “Influencer” is a person who has the ability to persuade other’s opinions. Commercial brands are paying influencers for customer engagement in cash, products, and travel. Influence marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method. Some bloggers – influencers are making millions of dollars.

The number one question I receive from bloggers is “What tools can I use to perform a specific task without spending an arm and a leg or taking a course to do it?”  This 46 page e-book is the answer to that question. This e-book recommends easy to use, free, and low cost tools that can help bloggers perform specific tasks.

Influencers-Bloggers-Global          #digital influencers      ID100109539 image by Add to dictionary

“Content is at the center of relations with Influencers… Brands and organizations favor collaboration and content influencers as ambassadors”    ( State of Influencer Engagement – New Study by Augure 2015)

Technology  is changing the world. People of all ages and lifestyles are getting on board by communicating with photos, videos, and pod-casting. Most people have at least a social media page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Who knew YouTube was going to create a revolution for on-line videos? These niche bloggers are influencing everything from the news, fashion, entertainment, politics, health, education, businesses, crowdfunding, and careers.  As a result, technical products are available to help non-programmers enjoy the blogging experience.

#Essential Blogging Tools for Influencers  $1.99 Buy Now   UPDATE:You will receive a 35% discount if you share this product on social media. The discount will be automatically applied to your purchase. You pay $1.29 after discount.

essemtial online blogging tools
essemtial online blogging tools

Buy Now

This e-book includes: 1. Over 265 tools categorized into subjects with short descriptions and links to each tools’ website.  2. A checklist of basic fundamentals for any blog. 3. In addition, a bonus ten-page workbook for organization and efficiency.  and 4. Private label license available to include this e-book in your projects. Receive FREE doc file to customize for your brand upon request. Min order required.  ALL FOR 1.99 cents for each copy.  Order NOW through secure Sellfy and PayPal  #private label .

Couple Blogging-Influence
Couple Blogging-Influencers                                  ID10027588 Image by Ambro

This author’s challenge as a blogger was finding recommended products that actually worked properly. The tools listed in this e-book were tested and/or re-viewed, and compared to alternatives. The selection process is what separates this e-book from other lists you may find on the web. If nothing else, this e-book will save you a lot of time. Time is money. Any publisher and/or author interested in a private label license of this product can receive a free doc file to customize for your brand. There is a minimum purchase order of e-books to receive the file.  Email

Influencers-Seniors                                           ID10041087 Image by Ambro

Essential Blogging Tools For Influencers (Sample of categories covered)

Buy Now
Buy Now

#digitalmarketing, #Customer engagement, #brand advocates, #digitalinfluencers,     #influencer engagement, #content promotion

Top Multi-Media Blogging Tools for Influencers

I’ve learned a lot about social media this summer and I am putting it to use. I took great notes as I participated in webinars, read books, and attended local workshops. I thought my readers (you) could benefit from my findings– so I am freely sharing.

Most of the items are free some are  30 day free trial. Try first before paying, if you need to pay,  because you may have to do workarounds for your particular project or decide another tool is better.  I have experience with the tools listed and think these are the best. Don’t be afraid to email the developers if you get stuck on something.  They will get back with you quickly-next day.  Tools for mobile, cloud, and downloadable software are listed. This infographic is part of an upcoming e-book “Essential Tools for Influencers”

Look for “Essential Tools for Influencers” here within a couple of weeks. It’s a lot of work. :} Click on picture below to download free infographic or to view the full PDF with links.

Graphic Blogging Tools
Graphic Blogging Tools

I want to add that info graphics  are great for handouts as they aid in the transfer of learning. People like information in chunks. Pictures help the brain associate the information with visual clues which in-turn helps new learned information stick and lesson the load on the brain.


2015 Atlanta Back to Business Conference

I recently attended several conferences and trade shows. The summer seems to be the time for professional development, networking, and growth. This particular event 2015 Atlanta Back to Business Conference at the Atlanta Metropolitan College was great. The school is beautiful.

Minority businesses met representatives from the public and private sectors that educated attendees on procurement opportunities and processes with their organizations. There were over 80 high level businesses present. Companies gave away great promotional items: key chains, beautiful pens, bags, post it note holders, hot and cold drink containers, insulated lunch bags, luggage id, t-shirts, and samples of products. In addition, applications for programs were available, direct contacts with business cards, and much more.

Conference talks were given by: Caesar C. Mitchell, Atlanta City Council President. Cassius Butts, Regional Administrator of US SBA (Small Business Administration) and Torre Jesup, Regional Administrator of US GSA (General Services Administrator). Terri Denison, Georgia District Director of SBA and Mildred Quinley, Director of Regional Office of Small Business Utilization. Points made were keep sharing and networking. Get listed with federal, local and city government.

Atlanta governments have minority supplier programs that give free certifications for minorities and disadvantage businesses. In Atlanta, that can mean “life changing” for a small business owner as most companies have headquarters here.  Federal certifications can get really expensive.

Below, I am taking a selfie of myself to share with you on this blog.:}

Me taking a selfie
Me taking a selfie so I could put it on this blog.

Bonus Speaker:  Kim Fields (pictured below)  was a child star on the Facts of Life. She is located in Atlanta, Ga.  It is rumored she will be joining the Atlanta Housewives. The Atlanta Housewives show is rated number one among all the housewives franchise. I am a fan of Kim. This should be interesting. In addition to being a celebrity, wife, and mother, Kim is starting a business in Atlanta. Her message was stay connected and share.

kim Fields
kim Fields

Cassius Butts, Regional Administrator of US Small Business Administration spoke at the conference. He encourages small businesses to get involved instead of just handing out business cards.

Cassius Butts Regional Administrator US SBA
Cassius Butts Regional Administrator US SBA


How to Label Graphics for Instructions Using MS Paint

Here is a short simple  tutorial I designed: How to Label Graphics ( pain-free)  for Instructions using MS Paint.  We all have occasions to label a photo, cell phone communication, school project, photo album, business presentation, web and/or print instructions. MS Paint is a free photo-editing software program that is pre-installed on most computers.  It has a short learning curve. It can save you time and money in labeling your projects.

Here is a Before labeling and After labeling photo.   Click here to get the PDF file with instructions. Before and After

Random screenshots below:

step 5

step 7


Best Video Footage Sites

This post will discuss where to find video footage for your projects.  As instructional design moves to the web for e-learning and e-training, learners expect videos and interactivity. Therefore, below is a collection of web sites that offer quality video footage. Some of these listings offer partial- free or all-free footage and some offers are for a fee.  I previously covered where to find Free Royalty Free Photos and Illustrations, and Public Domain Images for Personal and Commerical Use.

**Please read terms and conditions for each site before usage because each sites’ terms and conditions change without notice. Companies listed are in alphabetical order. Each web sites description is directly from the perspective site. Below is  a screenshot of a course I created with Articulate Storyline, using free video footage for commercial and personal usage.


$2.95 .Com at!
A little off the topic:  If anyone has a copy of my ” How to Create Objectives for Multimedia or  “Free Web Conferencing Sites” and/or “Disabilities (an article review)”,  please send me a copy to re-post:  My site was down for  a day and I lost them. Thanks.

logoartbeats1. Artbeats – The premier source for quality footage with new clips being added each month.


2. provide creative professionals with the tools they need to discover and obtain the best stock footage from the world’s top footage companies– quickly and easily from a single site.  At researchers can search multiple collections simultaneously, view over two million stock video clips, and communicate instantly with our stock footage partners.

logovimeo3. Vimeo Free HD Stock Video – All clips you find in this group are given away for free to use in your productions. Feedback welcome!



videogettyimages   4.  Getty Images  – Find premium stock video footage from archival film to contemporary HD stock video. Everyone has a story to tell. We’d like to help bring yours to life. We have over 1.8 million powerful, high quality videos, all hand-picked by our team of experts from leading film makers and videographers around the world. So, no matter what your project, you’ll find just what you need.

logohboarchives5. HBO Archives  – A full-service stock footage library for commercial/professional media use. Our collections include Sports, Entertainment News, Contemporary etc.

Orange HD6.  Orange HD – A lot of full HD footage and video material for non-commercial purposes. There are no hidden costs or need to sign-up. Download is completely free.

Free stock footage log7. Stock Footage for Free –  We’re your headquarters for professional quality stock footage and video. All of our footage is available in HD broadcast quality. We offer a never ending library of stock footage from all around the world at absolutely no cost! You’ll never be asked for your billing information and there are no royalty fees. Our footage comes with a royalty-free license allowing you to use it in all types of productions for worldwide distribution, forever. There are never any fees.



8. iStock –  Budget friendly quality stock video footage.


videot3mediasite_logo   9.  T3Media – Highly regarded company that provides video footage and services for all your production needs. We license the National Geographic Video Stock Footage. The National Geographic footage collection features cultural and geographic wonders, captured by some of the greatest explorers of all time.


10.   TV News and Service  –   We offer high-quality news, archive, and creative video content to be used in a variety of projects and television productions.

11.   Video Blocks  –  Video Blocks is a subscription-based resource for downloading royalty-free stock footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, after effects templates and more.


videezy logo12.  Videezy  –  A community that provides a place for professional and amateur videographers to download and share free HD stock video footage and free b-roll footage with each other. All the video clips you will find here are HD quality and completely free to use in your projects. Shared under a Creative Commons license or part of the public domain.


logoxstockvideo13.  Xstockvideo – All our footage is in web resolution 960×540 and HD resolution 1280×720.  Free to download and free to use in a ‘Free to view video project’ (promotional, event, educational, client, YouTube without ads). If you want to use the footage for commercial purposes (a film or television production, commercial app, game, YouTube with adds or other software) you can buy an extended License for a small fee.

Additional resource for FREE stock video footage and intros.

19 Websites to Download Free Stock video footage and intros







The gamification market is estimated at around $100 million. It will grow to more than $2.8b by 2016.” — M2Research. According to Wikipedia and most gaming sites, Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems. Gamification is used in applications and processes to improve user engagement, Return on Investment, data quality, timeliness, and learning. Source:

“It’s game on, for human resource officers. Increasingly, organizations like Marriott, Deloitte, Aetna and even the Department of Defense are using gaming to recruit, develop and motivate employees.”

How to select good instructional games:

“Hong, Cheng, Hwang, Lee, and Chang (2009) surveyed educators to create a checklist of criteria that determine the educational value of a game. The seven categories they identified included: mentality challenge, emotional fulfillment, knowledge enhancement, thinking skill development, interpersonal skills, spatial ability development and bodily coordination. ” Source: Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching by M.D. Roblyer and Aaron H. Doering. p.95

Game software: How to create games:

I played around with free on-line game software and created a few simple games.  Games created on Pro Prof’s game site were amazingly simple and took less than 15 minutes to create which included reading the instructions. I found Contour 2 to be very simple and only required 3 hours to put together a shooter game following their instructions. The software, Thinking Games was the most attractive because it provides ready made 2D models but the models are not for commercial use. However, they are great to use in order to learn the software. After many hours of researching, I combined a list of resources of game software you may chose from to create your own games. These are the most popular game softwares used in the game industry.  Many of these software’s are free. Some are free but the upgraded version has a fee. My next post will feature more complex 2D and 3D games that I am developing with various software’s such as Thinking Games, Unity, Blender and Maya.

Popular game design software:
Blender Free
Construct 2
DX Studio Free
Game Maker
Autodesk Mayo
Utility 3D
Thinking Games

Here is a link to “19 Free Game Engines”. This blog really gives details and levels for you to decide which game engine is for you.


This game was created on Pro Profs game site. many games to play and many types you can create.  These games are to be used on the company website or for social media.  Total time 15 minutes.

Heres a scrabble game.


My favorite games are finding objects or words.

Here is a link to a shooter game (beginners tutorial) developed in Construct 2: Very simple,and  basic ; however, there is basic programming involved.  If and then statements. Same type of statements used in Articulates Storyline for variables Rustic 123 is my game developers name. :}.  – 3 hours.



Technology Evaluation Assessment Tool

I created a “Technology Evaluation Assessment Tool”.  It is important to decide “how many” technology products as well as the “best practices” technologies to use in a set of designed instructions. Every designer that decides to incorporate technology in the learning should apply technology standards to their set of design instructions.

The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) are the standards for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted worldwide. Feel free to use my technology assessment tool as the basics of your own tool. You may use this one free of charge but please give me credit. APA format:

Clark, A.,(2011). Retrieved from: on date.

The learner analysis and the instructional setting should be among the factors of considerations to be used in evaluating the technology product. For example, a presentation tool is “best practices” if computers are not used but an internet search is explained. The teacher can face the class and lecture. ESL (English as a second language) students will not have to struggle to take notes because Microsoft’s PowerPoint creates PDF files from the slides. These PDF files can be used as handouts.

The pros and cons of a product should be evaluated. Is there a steep learning curve? Is it costly or in budget? How will you over come the limitations of the product in your set of designed instructions? When technology is used to make the curriculum accessible, students with disabilities have the same opportunities to learn as their peers without disabilities.

There are different learning styles considered when teaching adults than for children. Therefore ,different learning styles require different custom designs set of instructions to be effective. Does the technology product support visual literacy and culture diversity? These are a couple of the criteria examples that were incorporated in my “Technology Evaluation Assessment Tool”.

Click here to view the tool in SkyDive
updated 3/24/2012