Top Multi-Media Blogging Tools for Influencers

I’ve learned a lot about social media this summer and I am putting it to use. I took great notes as I participated in webinars, read books, and attended local workshops. I thought my readers (you) could benefit from my findings– so I am freely sharing.

Most of the items are free some are  30 day free trial. Try first before paying, if you need to pay,  because you may have to do workarounds for your particular project or decide another tool is better.  I have experience with the tools listed and think these are the best. Don’t be afraid to email the developers if you get stuck on something.  They will get back with you quickly-next day.  Tools for mobile, cloud, and downloadable software are listed. This infographic is part of an upcoming e-book “Essential Tools for Influencers”

Look for “Essential Tools for Influencers” here within a couple of weeks. It’s a lot of work. :} Click on picture below to download free infographic or to view the full PDF with links.

Graphic Blogging Tools
Graphic Blogging Tools

I want to add that info graphics  are great for handouts as they aid in the transfer of learning. People like information in chunks. Pictures help the brain associate the information with visual clues which in-turn helps new learned information stick and lesson the load on the brain.